8 wind farms

within 100 miles of the Windy City

Detailed Map


Wind Farms

150MW: 100x GE 1.5MW SLE
Stark & Marshall Co, Illinois
Operational: 2007
Power Buyer : AEP

400MW : 222 Vestas & Clipper
Benton Co, Indiana
Operational: 2009
Power Buyer(s): App. Pwr, Dominion

BP Commercial

130MW: 87x GE 1.5MW SLE
Benton Co, Indiana
Operational: 2008
Power Buyer(s): Duke, Vectren

350MW Additional Phases
Location: Benton Co, Indiana
Operational: 20011-2016
Power Buyer(s): AEP, AMZN, Others

BP Commercial

175MW: 103x Vestas and GE
Kankakee and Iroquois Co, Illinois
Operational: 2015
Power Buyer(s): Microsoft

185MW: Vestas
Kankakee and Ford Co, Illinois
Operational: 2017



Vision has developed wind farm projects throughout the Midwest, bringing clean renewable energy to power buyers including Microsoft, American Electric Power, Duke Energy, and Dominion.


Vision spearheaded the development of Fowler Ridge, the largest wind farm project east of the Mississippi. With its fourth phase of construction--Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge--the entire wind farm  now generates 750 megawatts at maximum output. 

Vision's most recent project, the K4 wind farm, was purchased by Electricity de France (EDF) and operates under the name Pilot Hill Wind Farm and Kelly Creek Wind Farm. Kelly Creek entered commercial operation in 2017. 


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